Why Choose us

Sure, we could sit here all day spitting out numerous reasons why we are better than most of the other web hosts out there. But, then again, time is money..and we don't want to waste your time! So to make up for it, we decided to come up with a small list of the best reasons to choose us for all of your web hosting and domain registration needs.

Reliable Service Reliable Services

Rest assured that we go the extra mile to make sure every service we provide is done to your satisfaction. Our uptime guarantee is in place to ensure you that your website will always be accessible. A well developed fully redundant network with lines from multiple providers is just one reason we are able to guarantee you some of the most reliable web hosting available today.

Quality Servers Quality Servers

Experts of Infotronics Integrator (India) Pvt Ltd have reliably thought about protection on all of our servers. Maintenance and stable process of transfer across our network is exactly what makes our servers so reliable. Thousands of terabytes of information has been passed through out network and we look forward to thousands more!

Support 24/7 Knowledgeable Support Staff

Our team of well trained and knowledgeable representatives are always available and happy to answer questions. Whether you're trying to create a sub domain or configure your nameservers - our technical support representatives will be more than happy to walk you through any problem or question you may have. With management staff located worldwide, you can be certain our staff is always on point.

99.8% Uptime 99.8% Uptime Guarantee

Unlike many other web hosting companies, this isn't a lie! Just how much do we "guarantee" our 99.8% uptime agreement? If we don't hold our end of the bargain we will refund you one months hosting bill. Our redundant N+1 powered network provides not only extremely fast speeds, but amazing uptime as well!

Money Back 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you ever decide to sell your website or just don't need web hosting anymore it's not a problem. We offer a 30-Day no questions asked money back guarantee. That's right! Just submit a refund request to our sales team within the thirty day period and the refund will be issued in full, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Features Unlimited Features

For many customers it may be months before they actually realize which features they are limited to in their control panel. Not only do we tell you upfront exactly what certain limits are, most of our plans have no limits!

Bandwidth Dedicated Bandwidth

Bandwidth comes into our data center from multiple lines and multiple providers. What does this mean? We are dedicated to keeping you online at all times. With multiple providers on hand, if something goes wrong in one part of the country at one provider - our system switches to a backup. Dedicated bandwidth means dedicated uptime at Infotronics Integrator (India) Pvt Ltd!

SSL Free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Multiple studies have proven that the little green bar can increase sales ten-fold. Our free SSL certificates are great for small and web-based businesses that want their customers to feel more secure. The free secure sockets layer certificate not only saves you money, but can increase your websites sales. Please Note: These certificates are self signed,

No Over Zero Overselling

Overselling is the means of taking a server, and selling off more space and bandwidth then the server can actually hold. Many web hosting providers do this in hopes their users will not use up all of their space. By doing this the company will actually cram more data onto the server then it should technically have. Infotronics Integrator (India) Pvt Ltd never participates in overselling of any kind. At Infotronics Integrator (India) Pvt Ltd you get the best quality a host can offer, our up time is guaranteed!!! Our service is fast and reliable.

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