Switches And Sensors

Switches And Sensors kit Online is a powerful software suite that works in conjunction with the Infotronics range  of energy monitoring products. It provides very accurate, real-time (and customisable) displays of energy usage, along with costs and CO2 emissions. Energy Manager can be used to break down your energy data, to monitor the efficiency of a single piece of equipment (such as the photocopier or printer), the energy usage of a department, or to assess the cost of running the air conditioning or lighting across a site.

Aircon Energy Saver

Save up to 50% energy usage with the new AirCon Energy Saver from Infotronics. Automatically and wirelessly power off air-conditioning units with AirCon Energy Saver.

Smart Switch Din Mount

A real-time smart meter and switch built into a DIN mountable casing.

Smart Switch Back Box

A real-time smart meter and remotely switchable unit built into a small case to allow mounting in walls, ceilings, etc

Wall Switches

A wall switch that simply sticks onto surfaces, such as office or partition walls, and can be used to over-ride the Infotronics Energy Management System and provide local control of Infotronics Smart Sockets..

Humudity Sensor

The Infotronics Humidity Sensor is a battery powered, digital relative humidity sensor designed for general office, residential and light industrial use

Light Sensor

This battery powered digital light sensor is designed for general office, residential and light industrial use

Tempreture Sensor

A battery powered digital thermometer that measures the temperature of rooms, fridges, chillers etc

Pulse Sensor

The Infotronics Pulse Sensor is great for measuring energy use, water use, gas use etc and is battery powered.

Motion Sensor

The Infotronics Motion Sensor is a battery powered passive infrared (“PIR”) sensor

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