Smart Pulse Meters


Smart plus Online is a powerful software suite that works in conjunction with the Infotronics range  of energy monitoring products. It provides very accurate, real-time (and customisable) displays of energy usage, along with costs and CO2 emissions. Energy Manager can be used to break down your energy data, to monitor the efficiency of a single piece of equipment (such as the photocopier or printer), the energy usage of a department, or to assess the cost of running the air conditioning or lighting across a site.

Smart Pulse Meters

A flexible interface that links gas, water or electricity meters into the Infotronics Energy Management system

Smart Plus Meters & 8 Channels

The 8 channel version of the Infotronics Smart Pulse Meter

Light Pules Detector

Detects electric energy pulses on all types of meters.

Application and Features

A comprehensive package of online reporting tools, giving you options to view and analyse your energy data at individual, departmental or organisational level. Create automatic reports, set up alerts to inform you of changes in power consumption, control appliances remotely and many other features.


  • Measure and manage your energy
  • Simple to install/operate
  • Powerful functions to group data at individual, department or organisational level
  • Available in hosted or locally-installed versions
  • No software to install - runs in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome
  • Online and Enterprise versions available


Software Options
Infotronics Energy Manager Online is available in two different versions. There are also two levels of desktop software available: Energy Manager Lite or Pro. The features of all of these are summarised in the table below, but please do call one of our energy experts on if you would like more guidance on the best solution for you.

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