Smart Meter Din Mount

A high-accuracy meter suitable for residential, commercial and industrial billing purposes.

  • Works exclusively with the Infotronics BBSP-CF range of current clamps
  • Manufactured to comply with IEC standards
  • Single phase or three phase operation
  • Up to 1800A maximum current
  • Measures active, reactive and apparent energy as well as power factor
  • Wireless operation
  • Low power operation

Application & Feature

The Fiscal kwh Meter has a number of features application areas:
  • Metering of single phase or three phase circuits
  • Billing and bill apportionment
  • Metering residential, office and industrial energy use
  • Analysis of power factor quality
  • Metering the energy use of a large plant
  • High-accuracy design
  • Available in 300A (3 x 100A) or 1800A (3 x 600A) configurations
  • Measures each phase: apparent energy, power,active energy, reactive energy, voltages, currents, phase angles and power facto


Measurements and Metrology

  • Energy: Apparent (sum), active phases 1/2/3, reactive phases 1/2/3 and apparent phases 1/2/3 in kwh
  • Power: Instantaneous power use (sum), VA phases 1/2/3 in kW
  • General metrology: power factor, phase angle, frequency and temperature
  • Accuracy class: Class 1
  • Maximum current: Dependant on clamp used
  • Compatible Clamps: BBSP-CF Clamp Range
  • Nominal reporting interval (kwh): 10 seconds
  • Nominal reporting interval (other): 180 seconds

Measurements and detection

  • 2.4GHz ISM Band digital direct sequence spread spectrum transceiver.
  • Hardware acceleration for IEEE802.15.4 operations.
  • Hardware supported encryption (AES-128)
  • Can be configured to act as a ZigBee coordinator, router or end device
  • Up to 4dBm output power
  • Sensitivity up to -98dBm (1% PER).

Wireless Communications

  • Standard: 802.15.4 / Zigbee Pro
  • Does not interfere with WiFi networks
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Maximum range between mesh nodes: 32m
  • Maximum nodes per network: >1,000,000
  • Encryption: 128 bit AES


  • Power supply: 110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption (typical / max): 0.1/0.1 W


  • Size (l x w x h): 86 x 70 x 58 mm
  • Fitting: DIN rail mount
  • Weight: 100g (meter) plus 3 x 98g (100A clamps) or 3 x 650g (600A clamps)
  • Also measures temperature and frequency
  • LCD and push-button to show measured values
  • Storage (min to max): -20 to 50°C, 0 to 60% relative humidity
  • Operation (min to max): 0 to 75°C, 0 to 60% relative humidity.

Extra Features

  • LCD and push-button to show measured values
  • Wide voltage supply range of 110-240VAC
  • Wireless operation
  • Encrypted communications for secure operation
  • Mesh networking for excellent range
  • Measures temperature and frequency

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