Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
The enterprise solution with a difference

Development using In-house Tools
The enterprise solution is developed using the in-house development tools to avoid unnecessary time spent on routine modules & at the same time ensuring an error-free seamless coding style. Development using the tool helps in reducing the degree of dependability on a particular person to a great extent & in turn ensuring a smooth changeover phase.

Faster & Better ROI
Deploys the enterprise solution in just around 25% of the time taken by traditional solutions thereby enabling your returns on investment in just 6-7 months instead of waiting for a few years.

No forced B P R
The enterprise solution does not force you to re-engineer your business processes unlike traditional enterprise solutions.

No Compromise on Business Processes
The enterprise solution offers a set of world standard processes. But if this does not suit your enterprise, it allows you to customize the processes on the fly and implement them for your enterprise.

Highly Scalable Solutions
The enterprise solution can be scaled up as the customer needs grow. Adding functions/processes and integrating them with the existing ones can be done easily at a much lesser cost, in a much lesser time.

Time & Cost
Saves not only time and cost of development but also the time and cost of change management since solutions have to suit ever growing / changing / complex needs of the enterprise.

Low Maintenance Cost
The definition-based approach of the enterprise solution makes the deployed solution easily maintainable, thereby considerably reducing the huge cost of maintenance.

MIS Power
The MIS power the enterprise solution provide, from its versatile architecture, gives you a complete grip on your business and helps in achieving once business objectives. It’s power, innovative features and technology on which it is built, will all make it the ‘best fit’ for the business.

100% Commitment of Implementation
Any best product cannot serve to its full capacity unless 100% supported by well-established & well-trained organization. The customer gets 100% guarantee of successful implementation from an enterprise that is 100% committed to its job & to its customers. We serve many customers who are with us right from our inception in 1988. This speaks of our service & commitment, which is of prime importance in a service industry.

Need of the Hour
To emerge a winner in this new era of globalization, which throws up both opportunities and challenges together, information systems play a very crucial role.
As you are aware, the technologies in the computer industry changes very fast making things obsolete very fast. In the current scenario, implementing new technology is the need of business. In this competitive world, an organization having superior technology has an edge over its competitors. As the organizations grow & the complexity in the business increases, technology helps you a lot to manage your business more effectively.

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