Energy Manager Starter Kit

The Infotronics Energy Manager Starter Kit is a basic introductory kit that enables you to measure the electricity usage of one device at a time, via a Smart Socket, and then view the results in graph form on your PC using Energy Manager Lite software.




  • 1 x Smart Energy Controller Lite
  • 1 x Smart Socket (plug-in)
  • 1 x Energy Manager Lite Software

The Infotronics Energy Manager Starter Kit is a basic introductory kit that allows an organisation or individual to start measuring their electricity usage on a PC. Data is collected every ten seconds by the plug-in Smart Socket and displayed using the Energy Manager Lite software, which shows how much electricity is being consumed and the cost.

The Smart Socket can be used with a range of electrical equipment - such as PCs, photocopiers, printers and vending machines. Comparisons can quickly be drawn to see which devices are using the most energy, and to identify where savings might be made, either through behavioural change (such as not leaving devices on standby overnight) or by purchasing more energy-efficient devices in the future.

The system is very quick and simple to set up - simply plug in the Energy Controller and it will automatically detect the Smart Socket as soon as it is in use. Once you have installed the Energy Manager Lite software, you will just need to enter the registration number from either the Energy Controller or the Smart Socket and it will begin to display readings.

The kit can be easily extended by adding further products from the Infotronics range - such as additional Smart Sockets, a Channel Smart Meter (which will allow you to take measurements from your fuse box - so that you can measure the power usage of the air-conditioning or lighting for example), or upgrade the software to gain extra features (such as the ability to create customised PDF reports at the touch of a button).


The Fiscal kwh Meter has a number of application areas: > Metering of single phase or three phase circuits > Billing and bill apportionment > Metering residential, office and industrial energy use > Analysis of power factor quality > Metering the energy use of a large plant.

Its features include:

  • A simple, wireless energy monitoring system suitable for any organisation or individual wishing to measure the energy consumption of their electrical devices
  • Simple to install - out of the box to data collection in less than five minutes
  • Energy Manager Lite's easy-to-read graph reporting shows you how much energy and CO2 is being used, and the cost of that energy, in real-time or over a selected time period
  • See the power used by different pieces of equipment simply by plugging an electrical device into the Smart Socket


Measurements and Metrology

The Energy Manager Starter Kit is suitable for use with all office-based IT equipment, such as desk-based PC systems, photocopiers, vending machines, printers, audio or visual equipment, televisions, plasma screens and servers. With this level of flexibility, you are able to start measuring how much individual pieces of equipment cost to run and begin the process of identifying the energy hogs within your organisation. This information can be used to encourage behavioural change and, over time, to replace certain devices with more energy-efficient equipment.

As soon as the Smart Energy Controller Lite is turned on, it will automatically search for Infotronics devices to supply it with data. If you choose to extend the kit and add a new device, such as an additional Smart Socket or a Channel Meter, it will automatically be detected, and the readings displayed on the Energy Manager Lite software.

Wide range - the Smart Socket can be placed up to 30 metres away from the Energy Controller. The devices communicate wirelessly and will work through walls and ceilings. 

Simple to extend - add as many Smart Sockets as you need. It is also fully compatible with the other products in the Infotronics range

Boxed Measurements

  • Width: 25.5cm
  • Depth: 13.5cm
  • Height: 7.5cm
  • Weight: 0.8kg

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