Energy Control

Energy Controller

Energy Control Online is a powerful software suite that works in conjunction with the Infotronics range  of energy monitoring products. It provides very accurate, real-time (and customisable) displays of energy usage, along with costs and CO2 emissions. Energy Manager can be used to break down your energy data, to monitor the efficiency of a single piece of equipment (such as the photocopier or printer), the energy usage of a department, or to assess the cost of running the air conditioning or lighting across a site.

Smart Energy Control Lite

  • Detailed reporting, analytics and control options
  • Access to energy data 24 hours a day, from any device with an Internet connection
  • Available online or in desktop software version


Level 1 accuracy meter suitable for commercial and industrial billing purposes

Smart Energy Control Lite GPRS

High accuracy meter suitable for residential, commercial and industrial billing purposes. Single phase or three phase operation

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