Light Pulse Detector


The LPD (Light Pulse Detector) is a newly developed optical probe which is used to detect electric energy pulses for power monitoring devices whilst acting as an interface with existing meters.

Application & Features

This 16 Channel Semi-Fiscal Smart Meter is designed for sub-metering and installation within a distribution cabinet (i.e. a fuse box).

Its features include:

  • Report power consumption to the nearest 2% every 10 seconds (per channel) to Infotronics Energy Manager
  • Compatible with our 30A or 100A current sensors to give readings up to 25A or 100A
  • Reports power use, voltage (rms), current (rms) and apparent power
  • Ideal for use in single phase applications such as domestic fuse boards
  • Energy Manager software also allows use in pseudo-three phase mode (where phase 2 and 3 voltage and power factor are assumed to be similar to phase 1, which is a reasonable assumption in most cases)
  • Encrypted communications for secure operation
  • Mesh networking
  • Unique serial number embedded in each product for easy identification on network



Measurements and Metrology

  • Pulse Output: TTL synchronized with the LED light pulses of energy meter.
  • Sensing Spectrum: IR to Light
  • Indicator: LED light at the top which synchronises with the pulses
  • Suitable for: all types of static meters, single-phase or polyphase meters.
  • Light shield attached.

Wireless Communications

  • Standard: 802.15.4 / Zigbee Pro
  • Does not interfere with WiFi networks
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Maximum range between mesh nodes: 32m
  • Maximum nodes per network: >1,000,000 nodes
  • Encryption: 128 bit AES


Miscellaneous and Standards

  • Standards: CE, EMF, LVD, WEE, ROHS
  • Country of design and manufacture: UK
  • Packaging: cardboard box
  • This unit should be fitted by qualified electricians only


  • Diameter: 22m
  • Weight: 370g


  • Power supply: +5VDC, 5mA
  • Power supply connection: RJ11 with 4(6)-pins connector is the default option and, any other
  • connector is available for customised ordering.

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